2-Wire Technology

FireOne is the world leader in digital pyrotechnic firing systems.  Recognized as the technology innovators we challenge existing paradigms to provide the industry with better products.

Our trademarked and patent applied 2-Wire™ System is another example of our unique approach.  There’s nothing like it in the world of pyrotechnics.  Using only two conductors and no connectors, FireOne’s 2-Wire™ technology is revolutionary.

Imagine eliminating all connectors and expensive, bulky cabling from the firing system equation.  You could immediately slash cable and connector costs by 90 percent!  Add to these savings the total elimination of connector repair and maintenance.

FireOne’s 2-Wire™ System operates on two- conductor lamp cord, speaker wire or even simple blasting wire, with no connectors on either end. This simple step radically reduces system costs and dramatically improves long-term reliability.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on cable and connectors you can pick up your next roll of wire at Lowe’s, Home Depot or your favourite corner hardware store.

While FireOne’s 2-Wire™ System technology is superior to the competition’s outdated 1980’s technology, it actually costs less!  In direct comparison a FireOne System has more features, greater flexibility and costs less than any other digital firing system, from any manufacturer.  And with FireOne you never have to purchase expensive boosters, splitters or extenders. FireOne’s 2-Wire™ System is easy to set up, is low cost and it works without accessories.

FireOne’s 2-Wire™ System supports manual firing, multiple methods of digitally controlled firing and is wireless compatible.  At FireOne we set the standard for innovation, flexibility, ease of use and cost.  And at FireOne we design, build and manufacture all of our equipment and software. When you have questions we have the answers.

2-Wire Technology

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2-Wire Technology
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