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The FireOne revolutionary 2-Wire™ System is the world’s most technologically advanced firing system.  That’s not our opinion, it’s our customers’.  FireOne is used, world-wide, in critical and demanding applications.  From Montreal to Orlando, from Australia, Singapore and London to New York City, FireOne is recognized as the world leader in firing systems.

No other system, at any price, offers the features, flexibility and precision of the FireOne System and FireOne is the most cost effective system in the market place.  You won’t pay more for FireOne, but you could buy a competitive system that has less features and costs more!

FireOne is  the only  firing  system  in the  world  capable of  running  over  10,000 feet (3KM) of  wire  from the

operator to the display area (Control Panel to Firing Modules) using small, light, inexpensive two conductor “lamp cord” wire.  FireOne’s features and specifications do not depend on “boosters,” “expansion modules” or other expensive hidden cost items.

FireOne’s revolutionary 2-Wire
system requires no “splitter” boxes, no bulky cables, no connectors. Each Firing Module can be “daisy-chained” to additional Firing Modules by simply placing the connection wires under a common set of spring loaded terminals.

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Master Module Control Panel
· Featuring eight totally redundant outputs,

FireOne’s Master Module firing capacity comes standard at 99 firing modules and 3,168 cues or lines. It’s easily configured to operate 384 firing modules for an astounding 12,288 cues or lines. FireOne’s Master Module offers the greatest operational flexibility in the industry!

· FireOne’s 2-Wire™ System makes setups fast and

foolproof. And displays can be fired using downloaded firing files, so you can leave your computer at the office. Or fire with the computer attached. Another FireOne pioneered feature.

· The world standard in firing system control

panels, FireOne’s Master Module includes UltraFire operation. UltraFire, a unique FireOne innovation, unleashes your creativity by eliminating all timing limitations, enabling complex firing schemes. Imagine firing 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 or more cues absolutely simultaneously...anywhere in the system... at anytime, with NO restrictions!

· Wireless compatible operation is a standard

Master Module feature.

FireLite XLII Control Panel

· FireLite XLII unleashes your creativity with

UltraFire technology.

· All of FireOne’s legendary technology in a small

compact, low cost package. It’s wired or wireless. Don’t compromise on firing system technology; get a genuine FireOne FireLite XLII.

· Manual operation or full automatic precision

digital firing, FireLite XLII is the best of both worlds. FireLite XLII will control 39 firing modules with a total of 1,248 cues, in the wired mode, or an unlimited number of wireless firing modules, in the wireless mode.

· Front panel LCD display.

· Two independent output channels provide 100%


· High reliability membrane control panel.

· Rugged, waterproof field case.
Compact Connection Rail/Module
· FireOne professional grade connection rails.

· Field proven, rugged, reliable metal construction.

· Professional grade terminals with stainless steel


· Connection rails are available in three types:
1. Compact rail with internal housing for
firing module. (shown)

2. 16 foot (5 meter) rail that will collapse to

half size. (not shown)
3. Waterproof rail with integrated firing
Firing Modules
· 2-wire or Wireless

· Sturdy, extruded aluminium case withstands

rough handling

· Each Firing Module contains its own “capacitive

discharge system.”

· Each Firing Module can be set to a unique

address number via front panel push button switches.

· Download firing files into each firing module for

UltraFire operation.


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