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FireOne is the world’s most advanced digital fireworks firing system and choreography system.  Hailed by the New York Times as “the Photoshop® of the fireworks world,” FireOne’s suite of software has become synonymous with precise and accurate fireworks displays.

FireOne’s combination of software can be utilized to create simple manually fired fireworks displays or highly choreographed, breathtaking displays that your spectators will love.

Over a decade ago, FireOne pioneered the integrated firing system design that combines all the previously separate functions involved in creating a fireworks display into one “SYSTEM.”  This “system” of hardware and software radically simplified the process; from Choreography, to Product Selection, to Time Code Synchronization, to Field Setup, to Firing the display.

FireOne’s suite of software includes:

· ScriptMaker 2000 choreography and visual

simulation software.

· CueMaker 2000 field setup and report generation


· FireVoice 2000 voice synthesis software for

choreographed manually fired displays.

· Time Code Wizard digital time code generation

software for perfect time code.

· DisplayMaker for fast editing of existing

choreography and music simultaneously.

· FireOne 2000 digital firing software used in

conjunction with FireOne Control Panels.

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Script MAKER 2000
· ScriptMaker 2000 is the world’s most advanced

fireworks choreography software and is the perfect compliment to any firing system.

· ScriptMaker 2000’s point and click operation

offers hundreds of features including: Multiple Time Formats, Time Offsets, Multiple Database Support, Five Choreography Methods, Multiple Shot Displays, Visual Simulation, Shell Cut and Paste, Shell Copy, Shell Substitution, Automatic Shell Position Placement, Internal and External Reports, and the highest time resolution in the industry.

· ScriptMaker is the easiest to use and most

productive choreography software in the world.

· ScriptMaker 2000’s visual simulation shot display

provides choreographers with a tool to visually review choreography projects at any stage in the creative process. Additionally, the fireworks visual simulation may be copied to a DVD, creating a valuable sales tool.

CueMAKER 2000

· CueMaker 2000 field setup and report generation


· CueMaker simplifies the process of field setup

and report generation with visual displays that provide point and click and drag and drop capability.

· CueMaker 2000 automatically assigns all product,

or group of shells, to a specific cue in the most efficient manner.  This reduces setup time.  Time Savings of 35% to 50% are typical; saving time saves money.

FireVoice 2000

· FireVoice 2000 voice synthesis software for

choreographed manually fired displays.

· FireVoice creates a pristine digital audio program

that contains your music sound track and a computer generated voice cue track with firing commands.  This program file can then be transferred to a CD directly in your computer or to an external tape, digital tape, minidisk, etc.

· FireVoice can be used with any manual firing

system from any manufacturer.

Timecode Wizard

· Time Code Wizard digital time code generation

software for perfect time code.

· Time Code Wizard generates flawless digital time

code in the digital domain inside the user’s computer.  Time Code Wizard then combines the time code with your music score to create perfect “first generation” music and time code tracks.

· The combined music and time code “tracks” may

be transferred to any audio media, such as a CD, and then utilized to provide high quality music for the audience and perfectly synchronized time code for the firing system.  Time Code Wizard can selectively produce time codes for most firing systems including SMPTE.


FireOne, the recognized leader in firing system innovation, introduces a cost effective, lightweight solution for accurate, real-time control of your pyrotechnic events: PocketFire! PocketFire, the cost effective, cutting edge alternative to controlling your fireworks displays.

PocketFire is a handheld computer with integrated software that graphically displays, tests and controls your fireworks display with unprecedented ease and accuracy. PocketFire really is small enough to fit in your pocket. You can view all the parameters of your display, as it fires, from the palm of your hand.

Color-coded testing, diagnostics and control features make PocketFire easy to use. And PocketFire is totally compatible with all FireOne control panels. PocketFire connects via an industry standard serial cable or with an optional Bluetooth wireless connection.

Pocket Fire Features:


Small, lightweight, fits in your shirt pocket


Familiar Microsoft Windows file selection


FireLite or Master Module Control Panel



Controls Wired or Wireless Firing modules


Wireless Bluetooth connection option


On-screen fire file editing


Color coded on-screen testing and diagnostics


Firing display includes Time Code, Shot Clock,

Time Source, Arming status and real time firing of display.


Synchronization via Time Code or internal clock.
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